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Fun, Social and Authentic social Argentine Tango

Organising classes and social dance evenings

Learn how to dance together in a fun and friendly environment. Make new friends with dancers of a similar level ahead of joining the social evenings.




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Dancing as a couple

As the saying goes, it takes 2 to Tango and the most important thing to learn to be able to dance is communication.  There are techniques for this and these skills improve with good guidance as well as practice.


About Dynamic Tango

The Founder - background

John was a shy kid who thought he couldn't dance until he started tango while at TCD in 2004. He then discovered an array of variety in the dance: 1. The Social Side: Making new friends in a friendly community. 2. Gaining confidence while learning a vast range of dance movements.
3. Depth of communication through learning to lead and follow.
4. The charm and passion in the old music, which ranges from heart-felt songs of longing to energetic playful tunes with quirky Spanish lyrics.


Soon after starting tango, John travelled to international tango festivals around Europe and extended trips to Buenos Aires training for up to 12 hours per day for months at a time.


John began to teach tango in 2006, turning professional in 2009, when he began travelling to teach internationally across Europe and as far as South East Asia and Australia. He also organised tango festivals and events of international acclaim in the global community. John took a break with the pandemic, and has now just re-launched Dynamic Tango in 2023.

A vital part of Tango is the music, which evolved over decades

Styles of Tango

Traditional Tango

Tango is a social dance: it’s about communication and having fun on the moment, not a choreography.


Milonga is a faster, highly rhythmical kind of tango

Dancing to Modern Music

Tango is extremely versatile and can be danced to a wide range of music.

Valz (Tango Waltz)

In 3:4 rhythm, there is a waltz form of tango music, which takes its own shape and form.

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tango classes in Dublin

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tango classes in Dublin